This is Lions Creek Farm and with it come many walks of life -- all contributing to healthy living.

This is APOLLO.  As the lead alpaca on the farm, he's the first to get a kiss in the morning, and the first to eat in the morning. But he's also just one of the many alpacas who thrive here, all of whom we consider family.  Without them our operation would not be possible.

Alpaca is one of the most durable natural fibers.  It is super-soft and hypoallergenic.

The alpaca family is growing at Lions Creek Farm!  Valentino was our first baby alpaca (Cria) born here.  He is now three years of age, confidently taking his place among the other male alpacas.


These are the Maremma Livestock Guardian Dogs

Permanently living with alpacas, they take their job very seriously as the protectors and companions of the herd. 

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