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Birds Love Alpaca!

When birds line their nests with Alpaca, they create a soft bed for themselves, their eggs and their chicks.  Alpaca helps to regulate the temperature of the nest during climate fluctuations which keeps them safe and cozy.

  • Wild-Crafted:  Each handmade bird nesting ball is filled with Alpaca fiber sourced from our farm.
  • Unique Design:  No two nesting balls are alike.  We endeavor to imitate nature (as much as possible) to safely attract the birds.
  • Materials:  100% natural Alpaca fiber is hypoallergenic, chemical-free and dye-free.  Each ball is sturdy and minimally reinforced with fine brown wire.  
  • Directions:  Hang the Alpaca Bird Nesting Ball on a tree branch or on a post.  The ball comes complete with a sturdy jute hanger.  If the alpaca fiber gets wet, then it will quickly air-dry. 
  • Replacement Fiber:  Each bird nesting ball comes with a small quantity of replacement fiber.  Larger quantities are available for purchase from our website store.

Happy Birding!!



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